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    Our goal this season is to enable all members to use the club while ensuring staff and members’ safety.  The club will strictly follow state mandates, local rules, CDC guidelines and incorporate best practices for operating an outdoor pool / tennis facility.  We ask that you review the following information and updated rules very carefully.  The Board and club staff will meet regularly to evaluate operations and will adjust operating procedures as needed during the course of the season.

    Member Reservation Usage

    For the safety of our members, adherence to current state regulations and the ability to perform social distancing, we will operate the club at a limited capacity.  To manage the attendance numbers and provide members with equal opportunities to use the club we will be using a reservation system.  Guest are not allowed and we will not be offering August memberships if use restrictions remain in place.

  • o   Total occupancy including staff is 100. 

  • o   No drop in or showing up at the entrance is permitted.

  • o   Member reservations are only allowed for the number of people on file in your household.

  • o   No parties will be permitted this season.

  • o   Usage will be capped at 2 sessions per week.

  • o   Each session is 2 hours in length.

  • o   The club will have the following sessions per day. 

  • Monday thru Friday                                           Saturday and Sunday

    12:45 to 2:45                                                     10:00 am to 12:00 pm   

    3:45 to 5:45                                                      12:30 to 2:30

    6:45 to 8:45                                                      3:30 to 5:30

                                                                             6:30 to 8:30     

  • o   Members must leave promptly at the end of each session

  • o   Staff will clean the facility between each session.

Each week 2 sign up invitation emails will be sent.  Emails will be sent to ONLY the primary email on file.

o   Emails will be sent as follows.

Monday - Thursday will be sent Saturday by 12 pm. 

Friday – Sunday will be sent Tuesday by 12 pm.  

o   After the first week of operation any unused time slots will be emailed daily at 8am and sign up will close at 10am.

Membership accounts must be in good standing to receive the signup invite email.  Please review your account and make payment on all late fees and past due guest fees.   


The check in process will be carefully managed in order to ensure that everyone entering the club has a valid reservation and to ensure that we maintain an accurate record of attendance.  Please come ready to swim and limit use of the locker and restrooms.  Parental help with social distancing will be critical to BHAC having a successful summer.


o   Children age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

o   Every person must check in every time that they enter the club, without exception.

o   Families are encouraged to respect others and stay in their reserved areas.

o   Wearing face coverings when entering and exiting the club is encouraged.

o   Please be patient and follow social distancing when entering the club.


Our staff will follow safety practices to protect their own health and the health of those around them.  They will be trained on the safe and effective operation of the club and the rules and procedures as described.

o   BHAC staff will work in defined teams to limit crossover contact.

o   Each staff member will participate in a temperature check prior to each shift.

o   Staff will wear face coverings while working indoors.

o   Hand sanitizer, soap and cleaning products will be widely available for staff and members.

o   During the 30-minute cleaning breaks between shifts, staff will clean pool ladders, railings, tables and other common surfaces. 

o   There will be a manager on each shift who is the designated Safety Captain responsible for working with members to ensure that rules and safety measures are being followed. 


In order to reduce the risks associated with shared high-touch areas, some features of the club are closed and not available for use.  Members are allowed to bring light snacks but other outside food, including food delivery, is not allowed. 

o   Members may bring snacks and drinks but may not bring meals (i.e., lunch or dinner) to the club.

o   Food delivery service is currently not allowed.  If a member orders food delivery to the front desk, the food will not be permitted to be brought into the club.  No exceptions.

o   The Snack Shack and grills are closed.

o   The pavilion is closed and being used only under our reservation system.

o   Drinking fountains and ice machines are closed.

o   Members are asked to be extra diligent about disposing of their own trash. Please bring only reusable beverage containers. No cans or plastic bottles.

o   Alcohol is not permitted per Club’s by Laws.


The pool deck has been arranged into pods to accommodate social distancing.  No upright or lounge furniture will be provided. Members not reserving a table location may bring their own chair to use on the pool deck.

o   Members should be respectful of one another’s space and observe appropriate social distancing, even when in the pool.

o   The tables have been appropriately spaced.  Members may not move or arrange them.

o   Each pod is to be used by one family only.

o   Rafts, inflatable tubes and throw toys are not allowed.

o   The diving boards are available for use.  Members waiting in line for the diving boards must maintain appropriate spacing as indicated by marks on the deck.

o   No Lost & Found service.  Items left at the club will be disposed of at the end of the session.


In order to maintain occupancy requirements, the tennis courts are included in club’s total occupancy.  Reservations must be made using the signup email invite. No drop-in tennis is permitted.

o   Members should enter the tennis court area for the purpose of tennis only.  No congregating.

o   The basketball and backboard court are closed.

o   The gaga pit is currently closed.

o   The playground equipment is currently closed. 

o   Volleyball court is closed.

 Our youth tennis and swim programs have begun registration.  Please refer to each of the program’s website section for specific details.

We would all like BHAC to resume operations as in year’s past.  We will miss socializing and all day stays at the club.  Swim and tennis will run differently.  We ask that everyone be patient and open to operating differently this season.  We will evaluate, make operational changes, and communicate as the season progresses.  Let’s all contribute to enjoying what we are able to do and have a safe and healthy summer!  



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