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2022 BHAC Junior Tennis Match Schedule*

*Schedule may change 

General Information:

  • Ladders: Coach Nicholls will publish the ladders by the end of Tuesday each week. The ladders inform the kids if they are playing in that week's match.
  • Please notify Coach Nicholls at nicholls11@aol.com immediately if your child/children cannot play in a match.
  • Do not forget to wear the BHAC Issued Tennis Uniform to all matches and a water bottle (not all clubs provide water).
  • B Matches will be played on Thursdays at 1:00PM
  • A Matches will be played on Fridays at Noon

Thursday June 16th: B Match  BHAC Girls @ home                 BHAC Boys @ GOCC 

Friday June 17th : A Match   BHAC Girls @ GOCC    BHAC Boys @ home

Thursday June 23rd : B Match    BHAC Girls @ home                  BHAC Boys @ Surf     

Friday June 24th: A Match    BHAC Girls @ Surf                 BHAC Boys @ home

Tuesday June 28th : B Match    BHAC Girls @ Beachwood         BHAC Boys @ home         

Wednesday June 29th:  A Match    BHAC Girls @ home                   BHAC Boys @ Beachwood

Thursday July 7th: B Match      BHAC Girls @ HOH                    BHAC Boys @ home    

Friday July 8th: A Match      BHAC Girls @ home                     BHAC Boys @ HOH 

Thursday July 14th: B Match       BHAC Girls @ Oakhurst                      BHAC Boys @ home 

Friday July 15th: A Match       BHAC Girls @ home                        BHAC Boys @ Oakhurst 

Thursday July 21st: B Match       BHAC Girls @ home                  BHAC Boys @ Cranbrook

Friday July 22nd: A Match       BHAC Girls @ Cranbrook          BHAC Boys @ home

2022 Summer Season Finals: 

Monday, July 25th : B Finals will be hosted by Lifetime, HOH,GOCC and Oakhurst

Tuesday July 26th : A Finals S (singles) will be hosted by Beachwood, BHAC, Surf and CSC

Wednesday July 27th: A Finals D (doubles) will be hosted by  Beachwood, BHAC, Surf and CSC

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