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The ladders are created and maintained by the tennis coaches. We use many different factors to determine a child's position on the ladder. Our evaluation takes into consideration: prior performance; practice performance; match results; challenge matches; any other factors that may impact their positioning.

Challenge matches help to determine where a player should be placed on a ladder. To play a challenge, any player may ask any coach if they can challenge any other player. If the coach believes that both players have a chance of winning, the coach will approve the match.

 It is then the challenging player's responsibility to arrange a match with the challenged player. The challenger should report the score whether he wins or loses. A "quality" loss (close match) can also be a factor in determining ladder position.

 If the lower ranked player is successful in their challenge, the coaches will then determine what impact that will have on the next ladder.  

A player cannot challenge anyone in the last week of ladder adjustments if they have not challenged that player previously this season. If a challenged player does not accept a challenge, the coaches reserve the right to adjust the ladder accordingly.

The players should play the challenge like a regular tennis set to 6 games with a margin of 2 games.
A tiebreaker should be played if the game score reaches 6-6. The winner of the tiebreaker is the first one to 7 points with a margin of at least 2 points. You can't win the tiebreaker 7-6 or 8-7; it would have to be  7-5, 8-6, etc. Once the tiebreaker is determined, it is considered to be the 7th game of the set for the winner, so the final score would be 7 games to 6 games, or 7-6.


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